Four construction companies held in Qingdao project to pipe the prefabrication water construction site exchange

China Petrochemical News Network – (Fudong Hai) for the full implementation of the concept of construction of prefabricated water pipe factory and engineering methods, in the four-company vice president Zhang Baojie positive initiative, jointly organized by the Technical Department and the Qingdao project, the base engineering company active participation in pipe prefabrication factory in Qingdao Project held a live interactive session on September 28 to discuss the the pipe prefabrication construction of water development direction and future prospects.
Seminar hosted by the Technical Deputy Director Zhang Rui ring. The first four companies base engineering company chief engineer, deputy manager of course pipeline prefabrication water construction work organization, forms of management, as well as base company in Qingdao pipe prefabrication plant management concepts, work processes, the division of functions and device configuration, and forth from human resources, construction efficiency, cost analysis, multi-angle pipe factory prefabricated construction water advantages and deficiencies, but also describes the planning and implementation of base Tianjin pipe prefabrication plant and pipeline second design, prefabricated construction management software application development. Second, the technology at Li Hongbo engineers briefly pipeline construction program, and fully demonstrated the feasibility of the pipe prefabrication water construction. After the on-site operation and demonstration and written, the last participants started a lively discussion. Participants base company in Qingdao project the first to achieve the flow construction of pipeline prefabrication fully affirmed, and put forward a number of constructive comments and suggestions, but also R \x26amp; D base company leading the integration of automatic welder and pipe prefabrication design management software showed a strong interest in, the meeting was attended by two project managers on the spot inviting base pipe prefabrication construction companies to participate in two projects in Fujian integration and the South China Sea. Four companies
vice president Zhang Baojie, deputy chief engineer Yu East key, Cuigui Feng Technology Department of loading for materials, operating at the Human Resources Department and other related offices long project of Qingdao, Fujian project, the project of the South China Sea days alkali project team on behalf of the project, Tianjin ethylene, Neimengyitai, etc., as well as base company, First, Second Pipeline Company, the first two equipment company, Power Conference company, and companies specialized part of the company team members and 12 joint venture companies a total of 29 units, 45 people participated in the site exchange. This is the first time since the formation of the company, and largest professional construction site exchange, can be described in the companys history, Flanged globe valve opened the first of its kind.
The site exchange, a concept of change and ideas to expand the meeting, especially on the administrative leadership at all levels of the process of “brainwashing”, the purpose is to arouse the desire for innovation leader, but also to explore prefabrication, construction of water such an effective specialized construction methods. This is a revolutionary exploration and innovation, has also made an initial success – participants reached a consensus on joint venture unit has also been a positive response, expanding the field of professional construction, broadening the business channels.
Last Zhang Baojie deputy manager requires all participants to fully understand the advantages to the pipe prefabrication water construction: the use of social resources, widening the channels; with process safety, quality management has obvious advantages; construction efficiency high; construction production line can move freely combined. To this end, Zhang Baojie deputy manager requires administrative leaders at all levels to establish innovative ideas, and actively organize, giving top priority to fully explore all areas of the assembly-line method of construction; requirements of each project, the professional company to form a multi-channel foster the use of social resources; requirements of loading for materials, led the organization of the project supply departments for the corresponding material management process improvements; technology organizations at the comprehensive construction technology, the development of the combination of resources and application; requires professional company to continue in other areas of the construction organization change on the active exploration; base company, supplemented by various projects, and actively making improvements and reserves of various types of the pipe prefabrication combination tooling, good construction efficiency in the process, human resources and a variety of consumption data the accumulation of statistics,gate valve the completion of the Qingdao project pipeline prefabrication water construction rehearsal, followed by good Fujian integration, the Sichuan-East Gas Pipeline and the South China Sea project preparation and implementation of the construction of the pipe prefabrication and eventually seize the opportunities for the construction of the Tianjin integration, trot to catch the last train of the domestic prefabrication, to do the fine, bigger and stronger pipe prefabrication factory construction of water, creating features to fight for high-end, establish the brand of the four companies for the companys sustainable development and expand business areas, in order to by the construction-oriented enterprises shift to managed enterprises due contribution to make every four employees.


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